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A Cold Frame on a Cold Day

8 Comments 18 October 2010

Those intrepid gardeners of the northern regions often find that a good chunk of the year is devoted to a particularly nasty period of cold which is not always the best for flowers and gardens. This, “winter” is not always the kindest to those cursed with a green thumb but with the aid of a […]

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Orchid Growers

Orchid Growing Tips

The Benefits of Supporting the American Orchid Society

4 Comments 11 October 2010

The American Orchid Society is dedicated to all aspects of the orchid. This includes growing, perpetuating, appreciation, and knowledge of these delicate and lovely flowers. The slower economy affects this non-profit organization, also. It is important for them to have your support. I was inspired to post this because of another blog discussing how the […]

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Milk and Orchids

Orchid Growing Tips

Orchids and Milk

5 Comments 07 October 2010

It may not be the same thing as cereal and milk or cookies and milk, but there is something good about the idea of orchids and milk. It might not be in some standard orchid care instructions, but this tip is discussed by a member of the EPA. A Green Thumb of my Own For […]

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Pink Lady Slippers

Orchid Growing Tips, Types of Orchids

Propagating the Pink Lady-Slipper: Taming the Wild Orchid

5 Comments 05 October 2010

The Lady-Slipper orchid is a rare and beautiful flower. It grows in the wild in Canada and parts of North America. This flower produces a large amount of seeds in giant pods. This happens after it blooms. However, most of the seeds do not make it to germination. Understanding the Pods These large seed pods […]

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More Woods

Orchid Growing Tips

Welcome to the Orchid Care Zone!

No Comments 24 August 2010

Hi there! Welcome to the very first post on the new orchid care zone! I’m Mary Ann – a fellow orchid enthusiast, and for the last few years, I’ve been working hard to bring the best orchid care advice to beginners and experts alike online. From republishing long-lost orchid growing manuals to our monthly “Orchid […]

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