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Green Orchids For St. Patrick’s Day


Orchids for St. Patrick's DayAs we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish, there is one predominant color that has become the color of this holiday – green. The color of Ireland is basically green. It represents spring and the lush of its land. Green hats, shirts, beer, leprechauns and everything you could wear and place in your body could mean good luck on this greenest of all holidays. So it only makes sense that today we talk about green orchids.

Aside from having green leaves, obviously, there are orchids that bloom with green flowers. These orchids are rare and relatively few. Their colors range from deep green to yellowish green to even pale whitish green. These flowers are the perfect partners to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

One species of orchids with a variety of green orchids are the genus Platanthera. These orchids grow mostly in North America and Europe. One of its species known as the Platanthera huronensis, also known as the Huron Green Orchid, is endangered and grows here in the US and Canada.

Other genera of orchids that grow flowers with green blooms are the Paphiopedilum, also known as slipper orchid, Cymbidium orchids and several other species under the Paphiopedilum genus.

A specific orchid with green flowers is the Dendrobium Burana Jade. This hybrid from Thailand grows lemony green flowers that reach the height of 3 feet.  One of the very common ones is the Phalaenopsis Yellow Treasure. This orchid is also a hybrid of flowers with a yellow-green shade.

These green orchids are strikingly unique to anyone’s eyes and can certainly spruce up your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Let loose your Irish pride and be proud of these green orchids. Their green colors are certainly true symbols of Ireland’s lush green country and rich culture. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Leave a comment below to share with us.

If you are looking to grow the slipper orchids, as mentioned above, click to learn all about how to care for paphiopedilum orchids.

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