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  1. Het Nguyen Van says:

    thank you for creating “5 Biggest Orchid Care-mistakes” . It is useful for me.

  2. tamby adam says:

    good advise, TQ

  3. suzy says:

    i bought a few vandas that grows in a very small strawberry pot, it’s been about six years and still no blooms …very disappointed…

  4. joby jacob says:

    I am planning to start orchid on commercial basis . My question is could it be possible to cultivate or grow orcid in a rubber plantation which is 8yrs old . it is humid it has got shade undernatural tropical climate . I hace a rubber plantation of about 4 acre and i want to utililze the maximm space and profit by growing orcid .Will it be posssible .
    Is orchid could be grown in indoor only

  5. Ivi says:

    I have a small clump of pink lady slippers at my cottage in Sauble Beach Ontario near Lake Huron. There used to be 14 large ones but over the years they have got less to about 1 or 2. How can I save them? They have always been near our firepit but maybe not enough sun since the evergreens have grown to tall? I haven’t disturbed the soil and there is a bit of moss on it. what could I do? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Sister Mary Michael says:

    My dear Mary Ann,

    Can I propagate orchids using my blooming Phalaenopsis orchids as mother plant? What could be the best fertilizers for this kind of orchids that is not so expensive?
    Thank you.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Hello again Sister Mary Michael,

      I want to direct you to this website to answer your questions about Phals: http://www.clanorchids.com/culture/phalcult.htm There are directions here about propagating this specific type and also about fertilizers. I really hope this is a good guide for you. There are also suggested resources at the bottom. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  7. Vidyanjalee says:

    Grate tips. Thanks

  8. peggy says:

    error shown

  9. Barbara says:

    My phalinopsis orchid is in bloom and all of a sudden it lost all four of its leaves. the roots are still green and white… can I save this plant?

    • Mary Ann says:

      Absolutely! Losing leaves can be totally normal because it takes a lot of energy for your plant to bloom so sometimes it will conserve energy by shedding leaves. Don’t worry. It sounds like your plant is in good shape. 🙂 – Mary Ann

  10. Chris says:

    Mary Ann:
    I have been searching unsuccessfully for a website that properly describes different orchid types, with photos of not only the flowers but also the leaves and root systems. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

  11. Shirley says:

    Hi Mary Ann,

    I have 2 bg problems
    (a) my vanda is losing most of its leaves- I am doing all my best to save it by dumping it into water every morning for about 10mns, but it continue losing its leaves. pls help.
    (b) my dendrobium leaves are turning red. is it red spider of it change in temperature.
    Many thanks.

  12. dakota Paille-sassa says:

    shirley i dont know anything about vandas but the last thing you should do is drench it that may be the cause of leaf loss

  13. Dakota says:

    i have a phal that has not bloomed in a year it has dull floppy leaves and a very small root system help my beautiful Phalaenopsis

  14. Gloria says:

    Was just given a lady slipper in bud. Now has bloomed, how long will bloom last ? Gloria

  15. Kath says:

    Thankyou for this information. I have two baby orchids, cymbidiums, I did have three but lost one. My hubby has built me a lovely shadehouse with both drip reticulate on and a mister! I live in a hot summer climate, Geraldton .w.a. Going South for 2weeks for Xmas. How much water and how often do you suggest please? My family are giving me several mature orchids for Xmas so very excited! Thanks again, Kath

  16. Priscilla Cooksey says:

    Dear Mary Ann,
    Boy! Do I feel silly… I thought I was missing out on some new incredibly earth-shatteringly timely information. Well, IT IS ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS. The only problem is I HAVE NOT REVIEWED THE INFORMATION in an unhealthy (for me and my orchids’) period of time. It is uncanny that you made this available to perspective new members and I right now am having trouble with my very first “moth plant”. I still can’t spell the formal name to save my soul!! So, I’ll pore over each page of 5 Mistakes AND Secrets Revealed and get to the root (LOL) problem. It is not a laughing matter to me…

    I bought the plant last year and about two months ago it went bloom crazy, but is definitely taking a downward slide and QUICKLY!! Thank you so much (AGAIN) for all the information I’ve been able to gather since becoming a member. I know for a fact I WILL SAVE MY DEAR ORCHID’S LIFE BECAUSE OF ALL YOUR WISDOM. PLEASE KEEP IT COMING!!
    Priscilla Cooksey

  17. Maria del Valle says:

    Thank you by the information Mary Ann!!

  18. Josephine says:

    My orchids are not growing so well this year. Leaves are yellow,black stained. Is it fungus? Pl advise how to treat them. Thank you

    • Mary Ann says:

      Hi Josephine – It’s hard to tell you without seeing it. I’d suggest you compare to this link and see if you recognize your orchid in any of these pictures. I hope this is helpful! – Mary Ann

  19. Ashley Poole says:

    Hi , my husband bought me a white orchid , I have always had a love for these plats but been afraid of having one due to their beauty and my lack of confidence . I have read loads about caring for her and still I am not fully confident . I don’t know the best moss to order or the best fertilizer , I am concerned about the roots and don’t know if I should change pots and lack knowledge of the best compost or soil . Please can any one provide me with tips or wed sights that will assist me . thank you .

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