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Homemade Wire Supports from Dennis Down Under!

No Comments 09 December 2013

One of our subscribers, Dennis from Australia, wrote to us telling us about the wire supports that he makes himself. We asked him to please send us instructions so we could share with all of you. He graciously did that, and we want to thank him very much for sharing. Here it is now: I […]

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Cold Thermometer

Indoor Orchid Care

How to Grow Orchids in Cold Climates

4 Comments 16 August 2013

Orchids are known as tropical plants, associated with hothouse conditions, and it is true that they need high humidity levels and a large number of genera tend to grow in tropical climates. But there are plenty of species that can survive even thrive, in much cooler habitats, as far as the Arctic Circle, even. Some […]

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Orchid Care

Indoor Orchid Care

Don’t Treat An Orchid with Kid Gloves

8 Comments 21 September 2011

Orchids grow in all types of habitats around the world except for in the extreme cold.  The richest concentration of different varieties is found in the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal.  While the tropics contain the largest majority of orchids, Oceania, Europe and temperate Asia contain 40 to 70 genera, while North America contains 20 to […]

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Grandmother with Orchid

Indoor Orchid Care

Orchid Care and Memories

No Comments 15 September 2011

I definitely loved orchids. When I was little, I used to see these flower-bearing plants hanging outside my window. My grandmother took care of them, and she found joy in caring for these orchids. Little did I realize that I was growing up like my grandmother–someone who would want to take care of orchids in […]

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Orchid Potting Mix

Indoor Orchid Care

How to Avoid Repotting Your Orchid Constantly

8 Comments 17 August 2011

I agree that orchids can be planted in regular potting mix, but they will be much happier in orchid potting mix. Orchids are notoriously hard to read and easy to kill–why take the risk? In the event that one of your orchids does begin to suffer, it will be beneficial if you already know how […]

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Pruning Orchids

Indoor Orchid Care

Orchid Haircut

6 Comments 20 January 2011

Grooming orchids is lot like grooming kids. Not for appearance sake alone, they need it for them to stay healthy. In fact, a well groomed orchid will be better at producing flowers in the next blooming cycle compared to one that has not been groomed. Unlike most plants, most orchids do not need regular pruning. […]

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