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5 Ways to Properly Store and Keep Your Rainwater Clean

4 Comments 02 July 2015

As many experienced gardeners know, rainwater is perfect for plants as it’s not only preferred, but far healthier. Actual rainwater has acidic qualities; whereas, tap water is somewhat chalky in nature. To aid plants and achieve the optimal growing conditions, harvesting rainwater, storing it, and keeping it clean is essential. 1. Install a filter Filters […]

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Wire Supports Photo 2

All About Orchids, Gardening Tricks, Indoor Orchid Care

Homemade Wire Supports from Dennis Down Under!

No Comments 09 December 2013

One of our subscribers, Dennis from Australia, wrote to us telling us about the wire supports that he makes himself. We asked him to please send us instructions so we could share with all of you. He graciously did that, and we want to thank him very much for sharing. Here it is now: I […]

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Orchid Cameras

All About Orchids, Gardening Tricks

What are the Best Cameras to Help You Grow Orchids?

No Comments 05 July 2013

Orchid photography can be a great hobby but more than that, capturing the images of these beautiful flowers can also help you grow orchids more successfully. A professional photographer has a lot of camera equipment and lenses to get the gorgeous shots of plants and flowers. But as an orchid grower, you do not need […]

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Wall Garden

Gardening Tricks, Orchid Growing Tips

Raise High the Flower Bed, Gardeners

No Comments 25 October 2010

Gardening has been a favorite past time for generations. Not only is it a relaxing way to spend the afternoon but it is an incredible way to grow vegetables and herbs perfect for the dinner table. Many people are under the misconception that gardening has to be boring and stale but to this I say; […]

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Outdoor Orchid Care

Gardening Tricks, Orchid Growing Tips, Types of Orchids

A Cold Frame on a Cold Day

8 Comments 18 October 2010

Those intrepid gardeners of the northern regions often find that a good chunk of the year is devoted to a particularly nasty period of cold which is not always the best for flowers and gardens. This, “winter” is not always the kindest to those cursed with a green thumb but with the aid of a […]

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Gardening Mistakes

Gardening Tricks, Orchid Problems

Mistakes Made in the Garden

6 Comments 15 October 2010

Recently, I had read a blog post called ‘Gardening Mistakes’ that called on all us gardeners to look back and take stock on the past year’s blunders, mess ups, and general mistakes that took place in our flower beds. New gardeners will do well to read the common mistakes the more experienced folks makes as […]

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