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Wall GardenGardening has been a favorite past time for generations. Not only is it a relaxing way to spend the afternoon but it is an incredible way to grow vegetables and herbs perfect for the dinner table.

Many people are under the misconception that gardening has to be boring and stale but to this I say; use your imaginations!

One of the most innovative gardening techniques I have seen is the vertical garden wall. A sturdy structure is erected covered in wire where one can plant anything from creeping vines to tomatoes.

The wall creates a stunning vision of greens and flowers in such a unique form and style that I really just can not wait to try it for myself.  Over at The Vertical Garden one intrepid gardener has taken time to briefly explain what makes her wall garden work.

Her wall is quite large using posts cemented into the ground wrapped in chicken wire. But you can easily scale the wall down perfect for those of us who lack the luxury of space.

Even if you are limited to a very small side yard or front yard a vertical garden will fit in nicely. You can arrange vegetables or flowering plants in the garden guiding them to grow up the wire which will create wall of vivid greens or purples or pinks; whatever you choose to grow.

Now, this method does take a bit longer to set up and start then normal gardening techniques. Placing the flowers and plants alone will take a couple of hours. But the end result is well worth the trouble and stress.

To grow your plants you will need to plant it within the wire. Cut out any wire that is in the way in order to make room for your plant.

The plant will grow up since that is the only direction available to it. Soon you will have drapes of varying plants and flowers creating a stunning masterpiece for any garden.

To help you pick the right orchid for you, here are 3 Key Questions to Ask an Orchid Grower Before Purchasing.

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