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Fun Fall Orchid Events


Orchid Events of FallOCT 28 – OCT 30: Orchid Show in San Antonio, Texas

See many pretty orchids on display and buy from vendors from across the country and also from Taiwan and South America. www.alamoorchidsociety.org

Nov 2: Orchid Society of West Pasco Show
Buena Vista Manor Clubhouse in Holiday, FL.

Conducted by The Florida West Coast Orchid Society, dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Orchids

Nov 4 – Nov 6: Northeast Louisiana Orchid Society Show

Conducted at Pecanland Mall at Monroe of LA

A Garden Party Fall 2011 Show and Sale

Nov 4 – Nov 6: Massachusetts Orchid Society Show
Tower Hill Botanic garden at Boylston Massachusetts.

A New England Rain Forest of Orchids. A fantastic orchid extravaganza, featuring displays of full blooming orchids with more than twelve commercial growers selling orchid supplies and plants.

Nov 4 – Nov 5 – Nov 6: Cal-Orchid Open House
Cal-Orchid at Santa Barbara in California

Celebrate the end of Cal-Orchid 26rd year! Cal-Orchid is near the Pacific Coast, just two blocks from the beach.

Nov 5 – Nov 6: Orchid Society of California Show
Lakeside Garden Center of Oakland California.

Vendors of Exotic and unusual Orchids, Hourly raffles, cultural workshops, demonstrations and showroom displays. Learn how to grow and re-bloom orchids.

Nov 5 – Nov 6: 53rd Annual Santa Barbara Orchid Estate Fall Open House
Santa Barbara Orchid Estate at Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate’s Annual fall open house.

Nov 5 – Nov 6: Utah Orchid Society Show
Red Butte Gardens at Salt Lake City, UT

Fall Orchid Magic, come and see hundreds of Orchids! Fill your senses both of sight and smell! Don’t forget or miss your camera.

Nov 6: Interesting Biology and Ecology of Orchids
The Central New York Orchid Society, St. Augustine’s Church at Baldwinsville.

CNYOS club member Krum Sotirov talks about many interesting adaptations that orchids made to survive and thrive in their natural habitats.

Did we miss a few events?  Do you want to add to the list?  Have a story to share?  Please leave your feedback in the COMMENTS box below! 🙂

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