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5 Ways to Properly Store and Keep Your Rainwater Clean

4 Comments 02 July 2015

As many experienced gardeners know, rainwater is perfect for plants as it’s not only preferred, but far healthier. Actual rainwater has acidic qualities; whereas, tap water is somewhat chalky in nature. To aid plants and achieve the optimal growing conditions, harvesting rainwater, storing it, and keeping it clean is essential. 1. Install a filter Filters […]

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All About Orchids, Orchid Problems

5 Endangered Orchid Species – Your Awareness is Imperative

No Comments 08 April 2015

Over the past few decades an exponential number of flora and fauna species have been listed on the endangered species list and, worse yet, the extinct species list. Unfortunately humans have dramatically impacted the environment in a way that, for some species, the damage is irreversible; however, there are many endangered and rare orchids that […]

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How to Re-Root Orchids

All About Orchids, Orchid Problems

The Sphag and Bag Method for Re-rooting Orchids

10 Comments 26 February 2015

What Is The Sphag And Bag Method? The sphag and bag method is designed to improve the condition of an orchid’s roots. When we talk about sphag, we are referring to the use of sphagnum moss (also known as peat moss) for horticultural purposes. Due to the fact that sphagnum moss is acidic and good […]

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Orchid Valentine

All About Orchids

A Symbol Of Love – Orchids For Valentines

8 Comments 13 January 2015

Aside from anniversaries, there is no month more special for lovers than February. Valentine’s Day is the day of chocolates, Valentine’s cards, sweet “I Love You’s” and of course, flowers. Red roses are traditional and are a well-loved symbol of this day, but how about sending your loved ones some orchids for a change? If […]

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All About Orchids

Give Orchids for the Holidays!

No Comments 07 November 2014

Orchids were a symbol of fertility in ancient Greece. Actually, the root tuber of the plant is used by the Greeks to determine the gender of the unborn fetus. According to the beliefs of the Greeks, the wife is more likely to give birth to a boy when the father eats a large orchid tuber. […]

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Outdoor Orchid Display

All About Orchids

4 Easy Ideas to Display Your Orchids and Keep Them Fresh

No Comments 15 August 2014

Orchids, with their amazing variety of colors, brighten up any corner of the room. Long stems and bright flowers arranged in tasteful displays add that perfect classiness to your home. You can make the most of an orchid display, adding a pro touch for effect. Once you know the basics, you can come up with […]

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