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Unique Holiday GiftsOrchids were a symbol of fertility in ancient Greece. Actually, the root tuber of the plant is used by the Greeks to determine the gender of the unborn fetus. According to the beliefs of the Greeks, the wife is more likely to give birth to a boy when the father eats a large orchid tuber. There is a higher chance that the mother will give birth to a girl if she eats a small orchid tuber. Later on orchids were used as a decoration for men’s hats during the Victorian era. Many Victorian women also liked to wear orchids on their clothes. Only rich people had orchids in their garden during those times. This led to orchids being considered a special gift.

Giving orchids as a gift in the upcoming holiday season is certainly a great idea. Orchids have that unique, subtle look that will warm the heart of the recipient. They are a way of showing your thoughtfulness. Orchids are often used to convey special messages as they have many meanings. They symbolize love, fertility, beauty and luxury in different cultures around the world, so they will make an ideal gift for holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Orchids symbolize love. It is believed that the orchid bouquet represents deeper love from the giver, especially if it is one of the rarer species. When giving orchid flowers as a gift, make sure you take into account your loved one’s preferences. You should try to find out the species and colors of orchid he or she likes. You can give the orchids in a bouquet, flower arrangement, in a basket, or in a vase. If you are giving live orchid plants, you should find out if the recipient prefers a plant that she can easily transplant to her garden.

Cattleya-OrchidIf you are giving the orchid as a bouquet, make sure you consider the flower colors. Different colors of orchid flowers have different meanings. Red orchids symbolize passion, energy, and power. Red orchids are often given to express a true passion or love. There are many species of red orchids including Dendrobium cuthbertsonii, Disa stolzii, and Hexisia bidentata. You can give red orchid arrangements in ceramic or glass vases. You could also make a beautiful red orchid bouquet by combining red orchids with white roses.

Dendrobium OrchidYellow orchids have bright colors that will surely cheer up anyone. Some of the species of yellow orchids are Stanhopea anfracta, Trichoceros antennifer, Oncidium cebolleta, and Dendrobium senile. Yellow orchids symbolize elegance. They are often used to create flower arrangements for formal and special occasions such as Thanksgiving, decorating your home for Christmas time, Christmas dinners, and even weddings. For flower arrangements, you can mix yellow orchids with various types of flowers such as star lilies and snapdragons. Yellow orchid bouquets can be made in a combination of white, green and yellow orchids. It is a sweet flower that you can give to bring happiness to your loved ones during Christmas. They are also a great option if one of your loved ones is sick or at hospital, and you would like to cheer him up during Christmas time.

7385156White orchids represent elegance, purity, and innocence. They are one of the rarest orchids. There are various types of white orchid species including Aerangis modesta, Dendrobium crumenatum, Masdevallia tovarensis, and Stanhopea reichenbachiana. White orchids are perfect for decorating at dinners or parties that take place during the Christmas season. You can mix white orchids with pink, yellow or lavender tropical flowers when creating a flower arrangement. White orchids can be mixed with red roses to convey the feeling of caring and love. For a white orchid bouquet, you can mix white orchids with hydrangea greens as a lovely complement.

Blue-OrchidBlue orchid is a meaningful flower with a subtle and delicate beauty. It is very rare as there are only a small number of them left. Some of the species of blue orchids are Blue Dendrobium and Blue Coerulea. Blue orchids symbolize tranquility, power and royal elegance. For flower arrangement gifts, you can mix blue orchids with white lilies. You can place blue orchids in round bowls filled with water when giving as a gift to someone. You can send blue orchid bouquets that are mixed with white roses or lilies to your loved ones during the Christmas season.

Orchids make great gifts because they do not have loose pollen grains that could cause any allergies and they require little maintenance and care. Additionally, they are great indoor plants, and for the cool winter season during the holidays, they are perfect as they will remain in bloom for several weeks.

How are you planning to incorporate orchids into your holiday? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below.

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