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Merry Christmas Orchids!


Christmas OrchidsThe season of gift giving and merry making is here again in our midst. And with it comes the joy of decorating our houses with things that make the occasion of occasions its merriest. One very common decoration that most people never forget to put up during this festive season is the Christmas tree. These luscious pine trees decorated with ornaments and lights may be one of the most recognized symbols of Christmas.

On the other hand, to a community of orchid lovers, this season is the perfect time to bring out a seasonal family of orchids most popularly known as the Christmas orchids. These orchids are specifically given this name because they blossom specially during the winter holidays. These orchids have also been long used to decorate traditional floral arrangements and other Christmas decorations such as table centerpieces.

The Christmas orchids include the Winika, Hyacinth, Percival’s Cattleya, and the most appropriately named Star of Bethlehem. While none of these orchids share the same attributes, they have their individual beauty to show off during Christmas.

The Winika, with its white delicate flowers, imitates the delicateness of snowflakes that ever look so gentle with its twig-like stems holding them to be showcased. The Hyacinth on the other hand, which is a native orchid of Australia, boasts a strong purple red flower that seems to be a perfect substitute for Chrysanthemums. They also come in sweet pink colors that can give warmth to a cold floral centerpiece.

Percival’s Cattleya, while it shares the common name with these orchids does not resemble any of its co-Christmas orchids whatsoever. Its off-white, slightly yellow colored flower with a purple lip gives it a look that can be compared to Christmas bells we love to hear.

The Star of Bethlehem which blossoms exactly every December also gets its name because of its star-shaped flowers. The flowers start out as green but eventually turn out white with tones of light green.

The variety of orchids never ceases to amaze me as it produces flowers perfect for any occasion. This holiday season why not try orchids as decorative flowers to accompany your celebration? Or better yet, why not give them as gifts? Enjoy these delicate flowers this season and have a Merry Christmas Orchids!

What have you done to decorate your home this year? Have you added orchids to your displays? Leave a comment below.

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  1. david.robinson says:

    Mary very good article. Just to let you know although the e mail is in my name it is my wife Elizabeth who is the real orchid enthusiast. She is already on your mailing list

    • Mary Ann says:

      Thank you so much, and thanks for letting us know. I’m glad she’s on our list, and I hope our site brings her some happiness. – Mary Ann

  2. sonia says:

    Thank you so much,I got 3 of these from Rainbow Garden, they are going well and very beautiful.

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