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Painting PhalaenopsisI’ve always found it difficult to capture the subtleties of my orchids on film. When the photographs came back from the store, the orchids never looked quite right in the photographs.

I have been caring for orchids for years, but my photography has never quite delivered the differences in orchid types. Even when I went digital, and had photo editing software on my computer, it was still almost impossible for the results to match the real thing.

So I was really pleased to come across something called Gardens of the Wild West. You can see her beautiful work by going to Flower Paintings.  What a lovely idea!

It’s another wonderful way to enjoy flowers during the off months when blooming activity slows down.

I can’t say that I’m the most talented painter, but I’m definitely willing to give it a try. I was so impressed with the paintings I saw at the blog.

This way I can sit and paint during the months when there isn’t much gardening to do. And it could be a way to come up with original and inexpensive gifts for friends.

Instead of giving people a live plant that might not be their cup of tea, you could give them paintings that they can enjoy all year long without fear of killing them. Orchids always brighten people’s homes, so at least they could enjoy a painting if they are not inclined to care for a real one.

There are many classes you can take if you haven’t painted before. If you do a search online for painting classes and your city, you should receive some results to get you started.

Don’t forget to look into your local YMCA, art galleries, or artists who might have workshops or a standing class each week. It could be a great opportunity to make friends and spread the joy of orchids to others. (They might even let you bring one in for a still life model.)

Do any of you paint? Do you have paintings of orchids that you could share? Please leave a comment below. If you have posted your paintings, please post a link.

For more information about caring for orchids, here’s How to Select the Best Orchid Fertilizer.

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