Prevention of Orchid Diseases

Orchid Problems

How To Prevent Two Deadly Orchid Viruses

2 Comments 03 December 2010

A fatal enemy of the orchids and one of the biggest problems of the orchid-caring community is virus. There are currently over 25 different kinds of infectious and deadly viruses all over the world. Two of the most of common viruses that affects orchids today are the Cymbidium Mosaic Virus (CyMV) and the Odontoglossum Ringspot […]

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Shortage of Tomatoes in the Middle East

Orchid Problems

How Crop Problems Can Really Impact A Region

No Comments 10 November 2010

When a main crop in a particular region is hit hard by weather, insect, or natural disaster, the economic consequences for that region and other regions can be devastating.  This is especially true in the Middle East where a tomato shortage has occurred due to two main factors:  the extreme heat and the leafminer, a […]

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Damaged Orchid

Orchid Problems

What To Do If Your Orchid is Damaged

No Comments 22 October 2010

Caring for orchids is both a blessing and a curse. Orchids are delicate requiring much care and attention far more so than other common household plants. For those who find that orchid care is stress free activity is not caring for their plants properly. One of the most agonizing experiences for orchid enthusiasts is finding […]

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Gardening Mistakes

Gardening Tricks, Orchid Problems

Mistakes Made in the Garden

6 Comments 15 October 2010

Recently, I had read a blog post called ‘Gardening Mistakes’ that called on all us gardeners to look back and take stock on the past year’s blunders, mess ups, and general mistakes that took place in our flower beds. New gardeners will do well to read the common mistakes the more experienced folks makes as […]

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Orchid Heat Damage

Orchid Problems, Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Caution: Why to Avoid Heat Damage With Your Orchids

2 Comments 05 October 2010

Part of a good orchid care program should be monitoring the temperature. Most people know that the delicate flowers should not get below a certain temperature. However, did you know that they can become too hot? In some cases, it may cause severe damage to the plant and the leaves will begin to drop off. […]

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