Orchid Heat Damage

Orchid Problems

Help! My Orchid Was Damaged by the Heat!

10 Comments 04 June 2014

With the summer approaching, heat damage can affect your orchids. If your plant is showing the common signs of heat damage, then continue reading below to assess the damage and salvage your orchid! Signs of Heat Stress and Damage One of the best advantages of having orchids is that they let you know immediately if […]

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sick orchid

Orchid Problems

Why is One of my Orchids Dying While the Others are Thriving?

2 Comments 24 April 2014

Many people love to own multiple orchids especially after they’ve witnessed the truly brilliant blossoms on their first plant. As a result, people generally have several different orchids, and not all are the same type. When caring for orchids, especially those of different types, it is essential to understand what each orchid needs so you […]

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How to solve cymbidium problems

Orchid Problems, Types of Orchids

2 Common Cymbidium Problems and How to Tackle Them

50 Comments 05 September 2012

Cymbidium orchids are very much the most popular choice by many people around the world but involve the same level of commitment that all orchids demand. Most people fail in maintaining them because of the misconception that they are easy to care for, forgetting the fact is that they remain very delicate. It is important […]

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Is My Orchid Dying?

Orchid Problems

Can I Save My Dying Orchid?

175 Comments 08 March 2012

When we have a flowering plant in our home, it’s a sheer pleasure to watch it grow and bloom little by little.  It’s similar to watching our babies grow right from the day of their birth – learning to smile, crawling slowly, standing up and the learning to walk.  Growing an orchid plant at home […]

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How To Save Your Orchid

Orchid Problems

Can My Orchid Be Saved?

4 Comments 08 August 2011

As I read this orchid care blog, I couldn’t help but think of the late Thalassa Cruso, the “Julia Child of horticulture,”’ and her public-television series in the 1960’s, “’Making Things Grow.” My interest in plants began early, and as a child, I would sit, cross-legged, in front of the television, watching her show with […]

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Orchid Pests

Orchid Problems

Orchids Are Aliens?

No Comments 28 December 2010

When taking care of plants, like any grower would know, at some point you will encounter insect pests. It’s part of growing plants. So like any other plants, orchids are also vulnerable to insect pests that give your plants unpleasant spots and could even in the long run, ruin the plant itself, if left untreated. […]

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