Orchids for Father's Day

All About Orchids, Types of Orchids

Father’s Day Orchids – Tough Orchids For Tough Men

No Comments 15 June 2011

It’s not unusual to find more men than women who are fascinated with plants these days. Undeniably more orchid growers that are men find joy and pleasure in growing these exotic plants. I mean who can blame them? Orchids charm even the toughest men. Fathers, grandfathers and even young men find the beauty in these […]

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New Costa Rican Orchids Found

Types of Orchids

10 New Orchid Species Found Near Costa Rica-Panama Border

No Comments 01 June 2011

Every year more and more species of orchids are being discovered. And recently 10 new species were added to over 35,000 verities of these amazing plants. In Costa Rica alone where orchids are a huge part of their flower industry, they have over 1,300 species to date. It is one of the top destinations for […]

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Hawaiian Orchid Dwindling

Types of Orchids

Valiant Effort To Save Hawaii’s Endangered Orchid

No Comments 26 May 2011

Out of the 30,000 species of orchids in the world, Hawaii only has 3 native species. One of the species is currently endangered and near to extinction. That is the Platanthera holochila, more commonly known as the fringed orchid. There is currently only an estimate of 50 individual plants of this species that still remain […]

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Doritaenopsis Elizabeth II

All About Orchids, Types of Orchids

The Queen Of All Orchids

No Comments 25 May 2011

The world of orchids has been graced by a new species named after the queen of England. Yes, Queen Elizabeth II has added yet another item to her long list of namesakes. On May 23, 2011 at the annual Chelsea Flower Show in London, Katherine S.Y. Chang, a representative from Taiwan, presented the queen with […]

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Orchids of Peru

Types of Orchids

The Controversial And Rare Peruvian Orchid

No Comments 19 May 2011

There was a display of a rare orchids at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum not too long ago, and I remembered the controversy that happened when it was first introduced. For most orchid aficionados, this orchid is considered to be one of the greatest orchid finds in 100 years. The Phragmipedium kovachii is named after its […]

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North American Native Orchids

Types of Orchids

Native Orchid: Showy Orchis

No Comments 11 May 2011

Let’s shy away from the more common species of orchids and visit a rare orchid closer to home. There are actually lots of orchids native to North America, but this one particularly caught my eye especially while reading this article about how native orchids can be great additions to your gardens. The flower mentioned was […]

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