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Father’s Day Orchids – Tough Orchids For Tough Men


Orchids for Father's DayIt’s not unusual to find more men than women who are fascinated with plants these days. Undeniably more orchid growers that are men find joy and pleasure in growing these exotic plants. I mean who can blame them? Orchids charm even the toughest men. Fathers, grandfathers and even young men find the beauty in these plants. Gardening excitingly is becoming a hobby to tough men in our society.

Speaking of which, Father’s Day is nearly here and the opportunity to give orchids as gifts has finally shown itself again. “NO,” you may say, because orchids are too girly for your dad. But why not give it a try accompanied with another gift and see what happens? You never know, he might be a budding orchid grower waiting to be discovered.

Okay. So now you’re set on giving your dad an orchid this Father’s Day, but you do not know what orchid type to give. What are some of the best choices? Here are two at the top of my list:

  1. Phalaenopsis. This is by far the most common and most resilient orchid you can give to anyone. They are very easy to find in almost every type of stores anywhere. They are best given to beginner orchid growers because they can withstand most of beginner’s blunders, such as providing them with too much water and sunlight. The best part about them is their flowers. Once they bloom, anyone would be in awe and feel like experts growers.
  2. Cymbidium. This one is also a great choice for a gift this Father’s Day. Even before blooming, anyone can appreciate the beauty of their leaves. They seem to be cascading in elegance. They are great choices for house plants. They bloom with amazing clusters of flowers – around fifteen or more. These orchid types are also very resilient. They can survive cold temperatures as low as 7˚C, so beginners in cold weather will not have to worry too much while growing this orchid type.

That said, you now know what orchid type to give to  your dad this Father’s Day. Provide them with a starter kit to take care of the plant, like a sprayer or an orchid growing guidebook, and you will be good to go. Give the gift of orchids this Father’s Day and show them how much you care.

What are you giving your dad this Father’s Day? Share your thoughts with us and leave us a comment below.

To help your dad learn how to take care of his orchid, here are some suggestions for orchid books to go with your gift.

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