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Chocolate Orchids!


Chocolate-Scented OrchidsChocolate and orchid lovers alike would be delighted to know that there are certain orchid species that imitate the sweet and alluring scent of chocolate. Although these orchids cannot be eaten, they allow those with the sweet tooth to enjoy the scent of chocolate without the additional calories. Or if calories are the least of your worries, then you can enjoy them together with a hot cup of cocoa to up the experience to chocolate overload. Going back to the topic, here are the two species of orchids that I am talking about:

Oncidium Sharry Baby

Some say vanilla; some say chocolate. Nevertheless the flowers of these species are one of the sweetest fragrances you can smell. The Sharry Baby is relatively one of the easiest orchids to grow. Aside from its impressive smell, it also impresses in size. Its spiky stems can reach up to 3 feet in height with multiple (up to a hundred) purple-red mini blooms. Its velvety long green leaves are the perfect frame to showcase its amazing sweet-scented flowers.

Encyclia Phoenicium

Also known as the chocolate doll of Cuba, this orchid species may be the nearest imitation of chocolate scent there is. Its intoxicating fragrant flowers originally can be found in Cuba, Mexico and other Caribbean Islands. This is a very tough orchid. It can withstand drought and many beginners’ mistakes. It has a thin, moderately spiky stem that can grow several large flowers, around 5 to 20. The color of flowers varies a lot. It comes in white to purple shades having leaves that are thick and round. Its petals and lips usually are in contrast, just like its albino breed of white lips and green petals.

Chocolate lovers will find new appreciation for these orchids once they smell their luscious chocolate smell, while for orchid lovers these orchids are a must-have. Smell the sweet scent of chocolate with your most loved flowers, the orchids.

Do you have these orchids in your collection? Have you ever smelled them? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Joan says:

    I was given a chocolate orchid last year,it said it would bloom in six months,Well that didn’t happen. Maybe I’m not taking care of it the right way.
    What is the proper way to take care of my orchid.
    I would appreciate any help I can get.
    I have it sitting on rocks in a low glass bowl.
    Thank you Joan

  2. Tammy Andrews says:

    I have a chocolate orchid and it smells heavenly. I have had it for three years and it blooms a couple of times a year. It is blooming now.

  3. Pammy says:

    Just bought this for my daughter for her teenage room redecoration for the blooming color and was amazed when we got home and smelled it!? It’s true πŸ™‚

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