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Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of…The New Frankie Valli Orchid?


New Frankie Valli OrchidIf you do not know who Frankie Valli is then let me refresh your memories. He is the famous front man of the 60’s band “The Four Seasons”.  If that doesn’t get your attention, as a solo artist he also popularized the song Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. By this time you may be thinking, what is a singer doing in an orchid blog like this?

I recently read a blog about a new kind of Cymbidium orchid named after Frankie Valli. I really do not know why it was named after him and after doing some research I really couldn’t find any resource about it. Nevertheless, it is amazing to know that some of the famous rock stars are being immortalized through orchids.

There are currently over 50 species of the Cymbidium orchid around the world and the “Frankie Valli” does not disappoint in both the flower and the leaf. Like most specie of the Cymbidium family, the orchid sports long and thin leaves which make perfect frames for its slightly off-green colored flowers.  In the center of the flower blooms a whitish green lip with a bloody red colored tip. It kind of looks like the Kakadu Sunset Firegold but a lot lighter in color.

If Frankie Valli knows this kind of orchid exists, he surely would be proud it was named after him. This recent addition to the family of Cymbidium orchids has only been around for a year or so. For those who have a collection of this popular species of orchids, I suggest you add this one to your garden.

It is good to know that the variety of orchids keeps on growing every year. More and more people are discovering the beauty of these ancient plants. And to summarize the characteristics of this recently added member to the orchid family, I’ll use Mr.Valli’s most famous song lyric, “You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off you!”

What do you think about this new type of orchid? Please leave a comment below!

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