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How to Create Orchid Hybrids


Creating Orchid HybridsThere are numerous individuals who eventually feel a very strong urge to create their own orchid hybrids. Fortunately, it can be a pretty simple task as long as you are dedicated and serious about it. Ideally, it is better to have some sort of goal and plan in mind instead of just crossing two of your plants that happen to be flowering at the same time.

Patience and determination are two of the biggest keys when it comes creating an orchid hybrid by yourself. The seedlings are going to need time and space in order to grow and flower properly. The grower is going to have to be understanding that their goal and plans may not always work out. The key is to never give up and keep trying.

The Importance of Growing Hybrid Orchids

The number of people growing hybrid orchids is far greater than the number of people growing a specific species. In fact, the number of registered hybrids rises a great deal every single year. One of the biggest advantages of growing hybrid orchids is the price. They are extremely affordable and readily available to anyone interested in growing them. Real and passionate growers are going to dedicate time and energy to nurturing both species and hybrid orchids.

How to Create an Orchid Hybrid

The process of creating an orchid hybrid is actually extremely simple. In fact, it is something that just about anyone can do. When an individual goes inside a plant they can remove pollen from the plant. Then, they can put the pollen right underneath the polunia point of origin because the form of an orchid has both male and female parts within its structure. Understanding a little bit about the structure of a plant will make this process extremely simple.

The only thing that is really important to remember is that the individual must obtain the pollen from the plant or flower that they want to use and then cross pollinate with the other flower you are looking to create the hybrid with.

Why are Orchids so Fascinating?

Unfortunately, once you have started creating and growing orchid hybrids it tends to become and addicting and habit forming hobby. In fact, a lot of individuals find themselves spending countless hours researching the Latin names of plants. Interestingly enough there are over twenty-five thousand orchid species that grow naturally.

The number of hybrid orchids is four to five times greater than that. The misconception is that new orchid hybrids are created in a lab by scientists using new organisms, specific soil and special treatment. However, that is just not the case. Hybrid orchids are simply the result of a cross pollination process. All it means is that two or more different kinds of pollen were used during the planting and nurturing of the specific orchid.


Creating an orchid hybrid is not some difficult or super scientific process that individuals should be afraid to try. In fact, the process is as simple as mixing two unique flavors and giving it a taste. Sometimes the flavors are going to work well together and sometimes the result is going to taste terrible.

The process of creating an orchid hybrid is all about experimenting through trial and error. The key is to have a goal in mind for your orchid and run with it. Just pick two or more different kinds of pollen and give it a try! Creating orchid hybrids can actually be a great deal of fun.

Have you created any amazing hybrids? Tell us about it in a comment below!

Need help caring for your hybrids? Here is a simple orchid care checklist.

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