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Orchid Care TipsOrchids are delicate flowers that yield amazing results if taken care of properly. For this reason, many beginner gardeners are wary to take on the challenges presented by the orchid even though they yearn for the resulting blooms. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a perfect orchid to flower. It is not even all that hard to accomplish this feat all you need is some research and to devote some time to the care and upkeep of the plant.

There are several guides and tips of the trade out there for anyone wanting to take the plunge into orchid care. Most gardeners brave enough to undertake the challenge will choose a sturdy and robust orchid as their first time. This way if any mistakes are made the chances of any harmful and long lasting damage to the flower is minimal.

The best way to avoid damage is to follow some general instructions that can apply to all orchids.

‘Orchid Care Tips’ a recent article over at Buzzle.com briefly overviews some key points to orchid upkeep. Remember, that orchids are tropical plants and depend on a level of humidity to thrive in the wild.

The humidity level is around fifty percent and to many of us that level is not really an ideal living situation. Luckily you will be able to mimic this humidity by placing the orchid in a shallow dish of water.

Repotting orchids takes time and attention so make sure you do this only if necessary – some will need to be repotted every year, while others will need to be repotted less often.

If you find that your orchid is drying out too fast or you have trouble finding the right balance of hydration you will want to consider replanting the orchid for at least the summer season.

Watering orchids is a fine line with too much being harmful and too little being deadly. Hanging orchids require mists from a water bottle directly on the root systems while potted orchids need water a few times every couple of weeks.

Orchid care and maintenance is an integral part of owning these wonderful plants. While any gardener can certainly grow an orchid it will take dedication to keep one alive and blooming.

For additional orchid care instructions, go to our Proven Checklist for Mastering Orchid Care.

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  1. Arriane says:

    I am really an orchid lover and I do have some at my garden. But most of it doesn’t even bloom the way I expected it to be. That’s why I searched for some tutorial or article and I got into this. Thanks for sharing. Now I know how to grow them well not just water then. Hope it’ll do great!

    • Mary Ann says:

      Hi Arriane,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad this helped you. Yes – there is a lot more than water as a factor for your orchids. 🙂
      Keep going! I wish you all the best. – MAB

  2. Mykel Cruz says:

    Now I know. Things are really answered by this blog posts. I should really do much research aid for gardening. So I could do better in taking care of my plants. My garden is such a cool place to stay, it is so relaxing and I wouldn’t give it up for some other luxury hotels. That’s why I’m doing the best of my efforts to maintain it.

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