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Orchids Support Cancer TreatmentOrchids have been an inspiration for many people around the world. This is mostly evident in works of art. Paintings, stories and even movies have played their part in showing this passion for orchids. Who can blame them? Orchids are one type of plant that invokes intrigue in the hearts and minds of people. Their beauty and mystery alone can spark inspiration to anyone who sees them.

A more incredible story is when these works of art are used for a cause, like this in this recent article.  Dr. Andal Ananthanarayanan is donating all the proceeds of the sale of her paintings to a group who helps cancer patients get the proper care they need.

All of her 22 paintings were inspired by the orchids of Thailand.  She is currently 83 years old and a cancer survivor herself. She had been diagnosed with tuberculosis and cancer in 2005. Over that year, she decided to move to Thailand and pursue her passion for painting. She visited various places in Thailand, and there she found her inspiration.

On her birthday she was surprised by her son with the exhibit of her paintings. She said it was the best birthday gift ever. These paintings were entitled, “Enchanting Orchids”. These orchid paintings are all in water color and were featured in a two day show.

It is truly inspiring when people overcome the odds and in the end use it to fuel their passions. The combination of these things plus some inspiration certainly brings out the best in people.  I hope that this story becomes an inspiration to you as it has to me. Orchids and art working together for a good cause is certainly a masterpiece itself.

Do you have any inspiring stories related to orchids like this? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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