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Orchids and Milk


Milk and OrchidsIt may not be the same thing as cereal and milk or cookies and milk, but there is something good about the idea of orchids and milk. It might not be in some standard orchid care instructions, but this tip is discussed by a member of the EPA. A Green Thumb of my Own

For Disease

Many people have problems with the moth or Phalaenopsis orchid. Although they are easy to grow, they can sometimes be plagued with disease and parasites. Many people do not wish to use any kind of insecticide on their delicate plants. And if the plants are indoors, that is all the more reason to resist poisons.

There are some organic types of insecticides on the market, but you may wish to try something less expensive. You can mix non-fat powdered milk with the water and spray it on your orchids. It should be about four parts water and one part milk. This will give you a twenty percent solution.

More Nutrition with Milk

Many people use milk as a fertilizer for their orchids. They do not put it directly on the plant. A good way to apply it is with an empty milk container. It can be a jug or carton that has just been emptied. Place the water for your orchids in the container without rinsing it out. This will give you a slightly milky solution to water the plants with.

Better Looking Plants

Many people use a product for leaf shine. It will make the plants look a little more vibrant and healthy. This is important if you are going to an orchid show with your plant. However, these products are usually forbidden at shows. You can use milk as a leaf shine. It will make them look good and protect them, at the same time.

Summing it up

Many people do not realize that milk is good for growing orchids. However, it should be given in moderation. Powdered milk and water is good for insects and fungus. A small amount in the water is good for fertilizer. It can also be used as leaf shine.

To discover more ways to care for your orchids, here is an easy-to-follow Checklist for Orchid Care.

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  1. sammy says:

    Wow this is great solution. I really need this stuff to overcome the pests in our garden. I was doing so much work to take good care of the flowers but whenever I check it every morning, it was like they were abandoned for weeks. I never want to use pesticides because it is not healthy that’s why it’s been a bit of luck to visit this page.

  2. cham smith says:

    I didn’t know that this will make a good pesticide. It is really good to use it that any other solutions, because I think it is safer for the plants and for us too. You never want to harm your orchids; instead you want it to have more bloom and beauty. When you use this, it will be like grooming your orchids.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Sammy and Cham –

    Yeah, I’m always a fan of using more natural things whenever it’s possible. I’m glad this hit home with you both.

  4. Chazzyfin says:

    Wow! my mum just told Me about using milk on
    Orchids,they flower more.

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