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Orchids at Your Wedding


Orchid BouquetOrchids are the perfect choice of flowers to have a traditional wedding. If you don’t want to leave the design of your bouquets to the florist and prefer to create you own arrangements, you local orchid growers can give you advice.

Alternatively, you can always look around the internet for ideas and suppliers. One great site, packed with loads of information, is called Orchid Wedding Bouquets over at Squidoo.

The site really is a great resource for anyone interested in growing orchids and has information on orchid potting and orchid types, as well as a great history of orchids. There are also links to orchid suppliers, if you are making your own bouquets.

Of course, there will be many other things leading up to your big day, and you may not have time to do it all yourself. The orchids must be fresh on the day, when you will be having your hair, dress and make-up finished.

If it could be done in advance, you may have had the time, but this is impossible. So elect one of your girlfriends to be in charge of the bouquets. Work together to come up with the varieties and design you like, but make sure she knows that it is your big day, and that you will have the final say. If she is a friend, she will understand your wishes.

Decide where you are going to have the orchids. Will there just be a few bouquets for the bridesmaids to carry? What about the men?

Orchids make an unusual but attractive buttonhole decoration. Or maybe you will want to decorate the chapel, or wherever the service is taking place. And what about the wedding breakfast?

Your guests will be stunned to walk into the room and find displays of orchids as the centrepiece on their tables, or placed artily around the room. Your wedding is such a special day in your life, and orchids will certainly make it a lot brighter.

Do you have a story about orchids being used at a wedding? Did you use them in yours? Please leave a comment below.

For more about what phalaenopsis orchids need (perfect for bouquets), see these 6 Reasons the Moth Orchid is Everyone’s Favorite.

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