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Orchids: The New Fountain Of Youth


Anti-Aging Properties of OrchidsOrchids have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries now. In China and Japan alone, these ancient plants are used as medicinal teas and antibacterial powders. While in India, orchids have been used in cosmetics and various skincare products. They have been said to cure anything from a mild cough to even acne. In India, orchids have been used in cosmetics and various skincare products.

It’s only recently that the Western world is finding out and utilizing the medicinal effects of these plants. They have previously been used to create perfumes and scents. But just this past decade, orchids have been developed into skincare products. Moisturizers, toners and lotions are only a few examples of these. Apparently orchid extract has an amazing ability to fight free radicals that cause early aging. In fact, its extract has been proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

In modern Taiwan, scientists have been researching the use of orchids in terms of cosmetics and skincare. The country has decided to do this to open up some business opportunities to its horticulture industry, since it is talented at breeding orchids. Their most recent development was an orchid-based skin toner, which they say is only the first step into their efforts in creating more orchid-based skin care products.

One of the more popular names in orchid-based skin care products was featured in this blog that I found, Guerlain. It seems that the company has been experimenting with almost 3,000 variations of orchids in their own private collection. They have discovered a certain cell in the roots of orchids that slows down the orchid’s aging process, which in turn can be used to reverse the effects of aging in the human cell. Certain effects such as firming the skin, reducing dark spots and soothing puffiness are only a few to mention.

Orchids may really be the next fountain of youth. We can only expect that in the following years more discoveries may be found in line with the effects of orchids in regards to our total health. This isn’t fiction at all. Orchids are one of the oldest species of plants in the world. If we can discover their secret to longevity, then maybe we can further extend our lives. (If not at least have the perfect skin.)

Do you have any orchid-based beauty secrets? Share them with us and leave your comment.

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  1. Jean says:

    All i can say is AMAZING!

  2. ThiSy Tran says:

    In my country – Some people use wild Dancer orchid to reduce the process of aging – I didn’t know it could be work – but after reading your writing -I see there are in other countries people use orchid as medicine – I like your writing – thank you.
    Thisy Tran

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