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Happy To Be Single – Bloomed!


Single Flower OrchidsFebruary has always been known as the love month. Lovers spend this most romantic occasion in pairs during Valentine’s Day. But did you know that specifically because of this day that a certain holiday was born? Every February 15, immediately after Valentine’s Day, we now celebrate Single Awareness Day.

This day is the time to stand up and be proud of being single. It is okay to be happy, great and appreciated even if you have no partner. This day is celebrated for those people who are sick of being left out during Valentines.

A true testament that being single is okay, are some orchids with single blooms. Although most orchids have multiple blooms in them there are those who have just one flower. These orchids are not to be belittled for they have equally, if not more beautiful flowers compared to their multiple-blooming cousins. Here are four orchid genera that you can spend your Single Awareness Day with (or maybe give to a fellow single mate).

  • Phragmipediums – this genus may be the most popular of the single-blooming orchids. Some of the plants under this genus do bloom more than one – two or three at the most. Still its flowers are quite something to look at.
  • Paphiopedilum – this genus is the single-blooming orchid of Asia. Its flower stands proudly at the top of its stem. Consisting of mostly two petals and three sepals, its proud beauty must be one of the strongest flowers that you can find.
  • Cypripedium – this beautiful orchid genus is a good symbol of strength and independence because these plants can withstand strong winds and snow. Most of the plants under this genus have single flowers that have sepals and petals that stand proudly on straight unwavering stems full of hairy leaves.
  • Maxillaria – this genus of orchids shows that you don’t always have to have something to be proud of. Some of the orchids under this genus do not bear flowers at all, but the ones that do only have a single bloom and wear it preciously. It emits the smell of honey and apricots that are sure to beat any of its multiple-bloom counterparts.

Let these orchids inspire you single people out there to be proud. They are testaments that strength, beauty and happiness don’t always come in pairs. Celebrate Single Awareness Day with orchids and say it’s OKAY to be SINGLE!

Are you single this month of February? Do you have orchids with single blooms? Share your thoughts and leave us a comment below.

Looking for tips about single blooming orchids? No problem. Here’s how to care for phragmipedium orchids.

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