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Hong Kong FlowerFor this next blog post, Iā€™m going a little off topic. Off topic in the sense that I would be talking about an entirely different plant that has blooms that look exactly like orchid flowers. And the name would even fool anyone. Ladies and gentlemen, orchid lovers, enthusiasts and beginners alike, meet the Orchid tree.

Sure, at first glance you would be fooled into thinking that this magnificent tree is an orchid. And the name does not help either. It is called “orchid tree” for a reason. Its flowers are amazingly orchid-like but in no way related to any orchid species.

The Bauhinia or more popularly known as orchid tree is the official floral emblem of Hong Kong. The flower even appears on its national flag. The Bauhinia is specifically called the Purple Orchid tree because of its purple flowers. It has more than 200 species, and like the orchid, has many different colors. Its five-petaled flowers come in red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white. The flowers are also fragrant and can grow up to 15 cm in diameter.

This tree is not found in Hong Kong alone. It grows usually in tropical regions of the world but is not limited to just those places. Countries such as China, India and Vietnam have these trees growing there as well. In the United States these trees can be found in Hawaii, California, Texas and Florida.

It is a very popular ornamental tree in Asia that can be commonly seen in parks and gardens. This is because of its amazing and fragrant flowers.

This tree is a mere copycat of the original; nevertheless, its orchid-like flowers make them amazingly intriguing to any orchid lover. The orchid tree is one incredible plant that somehow reminds any orchid lover of the beauty of orchids. If you love orchids, you will love the Orchid tree also.

What do you think about this orchid tree? Do you know any other plant that looks like an orchid? Please leave your comment below.

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  1. Linda says:

    My orchid tree grown from seed, does not flower. It has a bloom that is green and 1 inch at the most. The tree is healthy and green with many leaves.. No beautiful flowers… Help.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Thanks for your comment! It sounds like you are doing a great job so far. I would highly recommend doing some research and finding out what the trees need to bloom. šŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s as simple as a slight temperature drop at night to trigger the blooming cycle. Good luck! – Mary Ann

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