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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Love with Orchids


Valentine's Day OrchidsYou know, nature has blessed us with countless kinds of flowers, and among them, orchids are truly wonderful. I think you’d agree, they are understandably the all-time favorites owing to their enticing colors and incredible varieties.

This year on Valentine’s Day, lose no opportunity to get closer to your lover. Try these tips to take that extra step to show your love…

FUN TIP #1: If you’re a guy getting married this month (or even on Valentine’s Day), then you surely are lucky. What’s better than presenting your beloved with a bouquet of lovely white phalaenopsis to compliment her graceful, flowing ensemble?

FUN TIP #2: For the bride, pin your favorite orchid on to his coat lapel on the wedding day — instead of a rose — and watch with pride how others will appreciate your taste.

FUN TIP #3: If for some reason, your lover hasn’t been doing too well and is laid up in bed, gift him or her with a potted green cymbidium and place it strategically.  The very sight of refreshing green will brighten up the atmosphere and lift the spirits!

FUN TIP #4: Are you a man who made your lover angry recently? No worries! Flowers usually help to sooth even the most sulking woman.  This year, present her with a typically feminine bouquet containing peach, pink and lavender colored orchids and see her blush with love instantly.  (Okay, you might need to add in an apology and a serious talk, too.)

FUN TIP #5: Have you been married for some time now?  Have your run out of ideas on what to present your wife this year on Valentine’s Day?  Gold, silver, platinum, leather bags and even roses are so 1999. 😉

Think differently. Go to your local nursery, and select an orchid in your wife’s favorite color (or her favorite orchid).  Then drop it off at her work on Valentine’s Day with a special note or card. You’ll get bonus points if you add in a love poem!

FUN TIP #6: Worried what to give your hubby on Valentine’s Day this year? Create a special dinner for him.  Place scented candles and keep a vase of exotic orchids on the table. (Of course my astute male readers can do this too!)

FUN TIP #7: Going on a trip for Valentine’s Day?  Call ahead to the hotel concierge and have them supply your room with your lover’s favorite fragrant orchids.  What a great way to get welcomed when your love opens the door!

There are so many ways to add orchids to a celebration or special day, but hopefully this list will get your creative juices flowing a bit!

No matter what, remember orchids will stand out from the plain old roses ANY day of the year!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do you have any other creative ideas? Leave us a comment and tell us about it.

To learn about the meaning behind your gift, read here on orchid gifts.

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