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Orchids As GiftsOrchids have become one of the most popular house plants around the world. And with this popularity, more and more people give these plants as gifts during special occasions such as the holidays. Here are some holiday orchid gift ideas.

But what do these plants really symbolize? Let us walk down memory lane and see what history says about these extremely popular plants and what they meant throughout time and culture.

The Greeks

At the time of gods and goddesses, orchids were a symbol of fertility and virility. Greeks when making love were said to eat orchids to determine the sex of their child. Women ate small orchid tubers so they would have girls while when men ate large orchid tubers to give them boys. I just do not know what would happen if they ate orchid tubers vice versa or at the same time. It would certainly be a confused but nevertheless beautiful baby for sure.

The Victorian Era

Orchids are beautiful, delicate and extremely magnificent. That is why during the time of tight corsets and ridiculous men’s hats, these flowers symbolized luxury and affluence. It seems that at that time only rich people are seen to have these plants growing in their gardens and homes.

The Americas

In the old days Aztecs related orchids, specifically vanilla orchids, to strength and power. They said that when you drink a mixture of chocolate and vanilla you will become strong and powerful. Tell that to people who love Vanilla ice-cream and they’ll surely disagree.

While for the modern day Americans relate this flower to beauty, love and romance. The flower to symbolize the 14th wedding anniversary, the pink Cattleya orchid represents delicate and pure affection to lovers.

The East

In Asia, specifically in China, orchids are revered to be medicinal. Like almost every plant available they find ways to make these beautiful plants cure something. Said to have medicinal effects they use it to relieve asthma and other lung related illness.

On the spiritual side, orchids are said to symbolize a happy spirit. Its simplicity and pureness is seen in its chosen habitats where it grows, such as rocks, trees and streams, which are considered spiritual places.

No matter what these magnificent orchids may mean to you, they are sure to give people the sense of happiness when they are given as gifts. Considered one of the most resilient plants on earth they can also symbolize patience and evolution. Give the gift of orchids and tell a story with it.

Are you giving orchids this year? Did your orchid collection start with a gift? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. shashidhar sastry says:

    Hi Mary
    I was wondering what happened as there was no news from Orchid care Zone?, well I would appreciate if you can post something on slipper orchids, such as potting media, humidity , temperature requirements

  2. melinda says:

    good a.m., mam i have only few collection of orchids in my house, but the way my orchids blooms beautifully today, i owe this to your published (internet) tips of growing orchids or Orchid Care Zone.

    Thank very much mam and God bless…

    • Mary Ann says:

      Thank you, Melinda! πŸ™‚ That’s always wonderful to hear. We are so happy that your orchids are happy and healthy. Keep us updated. – Mary Ann

  3. Danalee says:

    Yeah…I’m giving one at a wedding thus year!!!

  4. Eduardo says:

    Yes ….my first orchid was a Dendrobium “Sonya” by that time I even did not know what was it, but I put it in my balcony and for my surprise It flowered.
    Right now I have dozens of them Cat. Dend. Oncd.. Cymb. & V.. Right now I have 2 C. just to flower, a Gaskelliana semi alba (2Fl) and a Penang “Black Caesar” (3fl).
    Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary Ann says:

      Your story is a common one. All it takes is one orchid to realize how wonderful they are. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

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