Keeping Records for Orchid Care

Orchid Growing Tips

Keeping Records of your Orchid Care

No Comments 16 November 2010

It is a sensible idea when growing orchids to keep some kind of record of your activities. If you make a note of when you did certain jobs, it will help you to no end when it comes to the same time next year to remind you of tasks that need carrying out, like orchid […]

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Orchid Sunlight Needs

Orchid Growing Tips

How Much Sunlight Does Your Orchid Need?

9 Comments 09 November 2010

There are several growth factors to keep in mind in order to be successful at growing orchids.  One of the most essential of these is to consider the climate in which the orchid grows, particularly regarding sunlight. Of course, sunlight is essential for growing orchids, but it must be remembered that not all types of […]

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Orchid Pot Recycling

Orchid Growing Tips

Quirky Containers

No Comments 03 November 2010

We are lucky enough to live in a warm climate where it is possible to grow orchids outdoors for most of the year, if not all year. Occasionally, though, the temperature falls and they have to be brought indoors. This is why I have my orchids in containers or pots. It is also handy when […]

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Orchid Pest Prevention

Orchid Growing Tips

How to Keep the Bugs From Bugging Your Orchids

18 Comments 28 October 2010

I was reading a post over at “The Good Thing – About Gardening” called “Keeping Bugs Out of Your Garden”. It was discussing organic approaches to prevent pest problems instead of controlling them after the fact. My mind went to how this could apply to orchids of course. Caring for orchids involves good maintenance of […]

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Wall Garden

Gardening Tricks, Orchid Growing Tips

Raise High the Flower Bed, Gardeners

No Comments 25 October 2010

Gardening has been a favorite past time for generations. Not only is it a relaxing way to spend the afternoon but it is an incredible way to grow vegetables and herbs perfect for the dinner table. Many people are under the misconception that gardening has to be boring and stale but to this I say; […]

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Orchid Care Tips

Orchid Growing Tips

Keeping Up With the Jones’ Orchids

4 Comments 19 October 2010

Orchids are delicate flowers that yield amazing results if taken care of properly. For this reason, many beginner gardeners are wary to take on the challenges presented by the orchid even though they yearn for the resulting blooms. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a perfect orchid to flower. It is not even all that […]

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