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How Are Artists Inspired by Orchids?


Orchid Inspired ArtworkIt is no secret that orchids are one of the most stunning plants in the world both in flower and its structure. To consider it as inspiration for artwork has been a common thing to do. But did you know that orchids inspire artists to do more than just your typical paintings, illustrations and pictures?

Because of its uniquely shaped flowers and leaves, these plants have been the inspiration for some amazing and not-so-typical artwork around the world.

The Chair

This modern day orchid-inspired chair imitates the delicate thin leaves of an orchid plant, according to its designer. Its clean and slick seat and back rest are reminiscent of white orchids of the Doritaenopsis species. Its design is said to be ergonomic like the stress relieving effect of a well-cared for orchid, a powerful combination of both beauty and function.

The Makeup

Aside from shape and structure, the orchid plant has a lot more to offer in terms of color. The most popular, if not maybe the most common color of orchid is purple. From the makeup application itself or even the product, orchids offer works of art that would certainly be considered orchid inspired. From the dramatic to the playful, orchid-inspired makeup can create a wonderful piece of artwork on any woman’s face.

The Car

Attention all you men out there! Check out this 2012 Cadillac XTS Platinum. Its interior, as the designer explained, was inspired by the modern beauty and elegance of an orchid flower. The harmony that the petals of an orchid create (despite its unique and seemingly unconventional shape) also creates a layer that suits the perfect combination of leather and wood of the interior of the car. This car is definitely for those modern caddy lovers who like a clean and elegant interior design.

These are only a few examples of orchid inspired arts. I am certain that if you poke around the web, you will find more orchid-inspired creations. The beauty and delicateness of the orchid create perfect inspiration for anything you could imagine.

How do orchids inspire you? Have you found a creation inspired by orchids? Please leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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