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Orchids Are Good For Your Health?


Orchids as MedicineI have long believed that orchids are more than just mere plants. I have proven it one too many times in this blog. Yet on my search, I’m still surprised on the new things I am discovering. Although it’s fairly obvious, since most plants now are used as a cure for something, orchids are also medicinal.  (Keep in mind I’m certainly no doctor, so this post is definitely not medical advice…but I’d love to hear your thoughts below!)

The Chinese are the very first people to discover the healing effects of these plants. The most common use today is as a medicinal tea. Dried Dendrobium are said to have healing properties that aid in the treatment of cancer, poor eyesight, and weak immune system and can even be used to increased libido.

The parts that are most frequently used are the stems and the bulbs because they are said to be the life of the plants. Once they are dried up they can be powdered and used as desired.

The flower, on the other hand, is also dried and used as tea. This product is considered to be excellent and extremely exclusive. The root is also a vital part of the plant that contains essential oils and has antimicrobial properties.

Other species of orchids that have medicinal values are Eulophia campestris, Orchis latifolia, Vanda roxburghii and Vanda tessellate. These orchids are said to have Phytochemicals and antibacterial properties that can be use to cure various illnesses. Some of its more detailed uses can be found in this article I found recently.

Illness such as asthma, arthritis, diarrhea, fever and even pimples are just some that orchids can be used to treat. Although there is currently no scientific study proving this, more and more studies are dissecting through their chemical composition to reveal what they have inside of them that’s making them popular as medicinal plants.

Orchids aside from being beautiful and ornamental have been used now for centuries as medicinal plants. China, Japan, Greece and India are only a few countries that are exploring the medicinal values of these wonderful plants. Once further studies have been made, I’m sure that we’ll see orchids in another light.

Have you tried any of these things yourself? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Jesusa Starr says:

    I’m surprised to know of the value of Orchids, it’s a wonder why they sale expensively…not only are they beautiful but also their medicinal value…very interesting.

  2. Jean says:

    Maybe… It can cure but for myself i did not try yet. Actually here in P.I a lot of people using herbal plants and we have a lot of medicinal plants or flower even roots. If Orchids can cure a lot of illness hmm…that’s great. Thanks for your goodnews. God is good all d time:) jean

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