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If You Think You Killed Your Orchid


Orchid Care Green ThumbThere are no shortcuts in success. Everything takes time, and death is a part of life and learning. In the case of orchid growing, this is the same. There are a lot of things that newbies come across that somehow kill their plants. At first, this can be discouraging. The thing to remember is you are not alone. Most beginners out there end up killing their orchids. Wilted beauty gone to waste. An important way to avoid this entirely is through  research.

And while on that topic, why not read on these few tips I compiled that any beginners would not have trouble following:

1.       Do not overdo anything. From watering, sunlight to feeding them fertilizers. If you think that they need more water or need more fertilizer, stop! Orchids grow best when given less. Follow the weakly, weekly rule. Twice a week of water and small weekly proportions of fertilizer. And don’t leave them on direct sunlight.

2.       Repot only when necessary. The only times you should repot orchids are when the soil can no longer provide nourishment, there is no room for growth and when the roots are rotting. Other than that, leave them be. And never repot while they are blooming.

3.       Ask and you shall receive. Remember when buying specific kinds orchids, ask the seller’s advice. Usually, they can give you the basics on what that kind needs for it to properly grow.

4.       The perfect match. Choose the best orchid that could flourish together with you. There are kinds that are less needy than others. If you can, choose the one that grows perfectly on the environment you are living in.

If you follow these few crucial tips, then there is a big chance that your orchid of choice will be seeing the light of day after all. Remember, even the best of us sometimes experience that touch of death once in a while. Keep on trying. Once they bloom, you’ll know, it will all be worth it.

Do you have any simple tips to share? Please submit a comment below.

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