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Watch the Orchid Video BelowThere’s no substitute for learning first-hand from an experienced orchid grower. For a start, you can ask the questions you want to ask, and have them answered thoroughly. Of course, this is a luxury that few of us can enjoy, apart from a trip to the local orchid growers’ business.

Most orchid growers will have a few orchid books, even a small library, full of orchid care instructions and advice about orchid propagation and orchid potting. While these are very useful in most cases, sometimes you have to search elsewhere for answers.

Sonia Uyterhoeven, Gardener for Public Programs at the New York Botanical Garden, appears in a helpful video below. The video, entitled Basic Orchid Care, is a great introduction to the care of orchids and the symptoms of problems and their remedies.

This is a well-presented video which gives information in a clear and straightforward way, showing just how easy it is to care for orchids. This will be especially useful to those who are daunted by what they think are the difficulties involved in orchid care.

Another good thing about the video is that there are links alongside for further viewings. One of the most fascinating featured videos alongside is entitled The Orchid Show: Brazilian Modern. It is a sumptuous series of images of orchids of every shape, size and color, in all their glory. It deserves repeated viewings.

Another offering from the New York Botanical Garden is entitled Orchids at NYBG Shop in the Garden. Although this video is really just an advertisement for the shop, there is a vast array of orchids to admire. That’s the beauty of the internet, that every page links to another, and if you have an hour or two to spare, you can stumble across some great orchid growing resources.

The future of learning will be on the internet. Already, kids in school are used to searching online for information and there is a wealth of useful information for everyone, including orchid growers.

What are your thoughts? What are your favorite videos? Leave a comment below and share with me.

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