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How Deep Is Your Orchid Addiction?


Addiction to OrchidsWhen orchid growers talk about their collection, one question always comes to mind. And that is, how addicted are you to orchids? Some say addiction is too strong of a word when it comes to describing their love for orchids. But the truth is addiction is the perfect word. True orchid lovers rarely keep just one of these plants. And as time goes by, their love for these plants becomes worthy of a session with Dr. Phil.

It’s funny reading about posts like this, especially because they are true. And while back I found a really good article describing the levels of orchid addiction, quite detailed might I say. And somehow it brings a smile to my face because I know I’m not alone. With the years I spent growing orchids I’ve lost count on the number of orchids that I have. And I confess… I am an orchid addict.

This article is really quite unique because each level describes and enumerates the things that orchid addicts have. Like for example, a level one orchid addict has one to five orchids, knows how to mist and has one basic orchid care book.

Level three is described by having 20 or more plants, having a mini greenhouse especially for orchids and being involved in an orchid society. Level 6, which I believe I am on the brink of, is described as having no idea of how many orchids he/she owns, hunting orchids in various parts of the world and writing personal stories about orchids. It’s quite fascinating.

I mean, who can blame us for being addicted to these amazing plants?

They are intriguing in every possible way you can think of – an orchid’s structure, flowers, leaves, culture, history, etc… Not to mention the happiness it gives us growers when we see other people become interested too. It is true that there is something magical about these plants.

So be careful for all of you people wanting to grow orchids because these plants are no ordinary house plants. Once you start, it’s virtually impossible to stop. And know that there will be others out there who will have the same passion as you do. So go on. Be addicted. I dare you!

Are you an orchid addict? How deep is your addiction? Leave us a comment.

And to feed your addiction, here are some must-have orchid care resources to add to your collection.

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  1. Gilbert says:

    I started with 2 cool looking phalaenopsis back in Dec 16, 2010… 6 months later, I have 36 potted orchids.. odm., odcm., b., cat., p., brass., etc. I am so addicted and I couldn’t stop! 🙂

    I don’t understand the pull of these crazy beings! They are taking over my home! I guess orchid addiction is better than any other kind.

    I still think I have to stop. I promise myself not to get a greenhouse… nor get myself one of those artificial halide lighting. Stop me… stop me… 🙂 Help!

    • Mary Ann says:

      You and me both, my friend! 🙂 I think getting more is fine until they start running you out of your home. That should probably be the measuring stick. Good luck!! I’m sure they are beautiful, though. 🙂

  2. Sophie says:

    It all started with one Phal which I adopted off my mother, as she gave up watering it and it was on the brink of death. I was so satisfied bringing it back to life and having it grow so much for me…I decided to buy another..and another. I now have 24 and I have no intentions of stopping! I don’t care if I don’t have space for me that isn’t an issue, I will make space even if I end up living like poison ivy beneath a jungle canopy! Whats worse is I like to buy reduced orchids that need TLC, as I cant bear to see a dying orchid…I love bringing them back to health and for me that is the ultimate satisfaction! Yes many have died on me from crown rot and god knows what else! But Ive learned so much from these plants and I have so much respect for them 🙂

    • Mary Ann says:

      I officially declare you an addict. 😉 But I mean that in the best way. It sounds like you are doing a great job. Keep it up! – Mary Ann

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