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Growing Orchids For BeginnersOrchids are beautiful flowers that make great gifts. The problem is that many people are intimated by these flowers when, with adequate time and care, there is really no need to be. A wonderful blog post over at Brooklyn Orchids addresses the top three concerns new orchid keepers have.

Those new to orchids will be shocked to find out how much attention the plant will need. Orchids are delicate plants but they can go through quite a bit before any real long lasting damage is done.

One of the scariest moments for new growers is finding fallen flowers and petals around the plant. Dead flowers are usually a sign of disease or death when it comes to plants, but in the case of orchids those shriveled flowers can just mean the end of a blooming cycle.

When you first buy your orchid or receive one as a gift you will want to do some research into the type to see just how long the blooming cycle lasts. This way you will know that there is no need to panic on that morning when you wake up to find all your flowers have fallen.

If you have a say in which orchid you are going to get the best advice for new hobbyist is to purchase a phalaenopsis whose blooming cycle lasts up to four months where a cattleya, for example only enjoys blooms for about three weeks.

So, you might have weathered the worry and stress of dying flowers, but what about a stem that is turning brown?

Surely, this sign does not bode well for your plant – not necessarily so. The article assures us that first, you will want to access the stem and the spike. It may be necessary to trim and prune a bit. In fact, trimming up your orchid is one of the best ways to maintain it’s health while providing you with a relaxing past time.

The article over at Brooklyn Orchids touches briefly on the topic of over watering and the need to avoid such actions at all costs.

But what about when you plan to go on vacation and the orchid may actually be in danger or under watering?

New orchid keepers believe that they need to be constantly available to water and nurture the plant at all times. Luckily, many nurseries now offer boarding services for your orchids when you go on business trips or vacations. So no more trusting Uncle Larry to come over and spritz your delicate orchid. Instead you can trust the plant to professionals.

Orchid keeping is involved but the benefits and the beauty is well worth it as long as you are dedicated to taking care of the flower.

For more questions answered like these, see the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions.

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  1. Ashley Jenkins says:

    Wow! I should have my phalaenopsis. I didn’t know that it has long blooming period. It’s a shame but I was one of those who nearly got a heart attack when I saw flowers falling from my orchids. I was so upset until one of my daughters told me that it’s normal. Take goodness my daughter had this gardening subject.

    • Mary Ann says:

      I definitely agree it can be scary when you see the flowers falling!! I think it’s great that you and your daughter can share this hobby together. That’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing. – MAB

  2. jelaine flores says:

    I have my catleya orchids, and I was not aware that it only blooms for that amount of time. That’s why I’m always freaking out every time I can see some flowers falling. I was really upset then. And now after I have read this blog post, I know it would bloom again soon.

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