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Repotting OrchidsOrchids are wonderfully diverse and unique plants that captivate the hearts and minds of all gardeners. Complex and stunning, these flowers are very popular to decorate homes and offices. The problem for many comes in the misconceived notion that all plants, orchids including, must be grown in pots.

The clay or porcelain, or Heaven forbid plastic flower pots have been around since the age of our grandmothers. It seems to be an injustice to house such spectacular plants in such mundane trappings. Luckily, given the diversity of the orchid family, there are other solutions.

Many orchid keepers turn to baskets as an alternative to those drab flower pots. Orchids are delicate plants that require an incredible amount of care and upkeep. Keeping a flower in a basket provides some additional challenges then the mundane flower pots but the results far outweigh any extra time and effort.

Hanging the pots around the room or in front of windows will create a stunning display especially if you have an orchid that just loves to sprawl.

Remember, the root systems of the plant will be exposed in a hanging basket making it vulnerable to drying out. While you may be tempted to cut back these roots you will want to refrain from grabbing those pruning scissors.

Letting the roots stretch out will insure a natural growth process which will result in some magnificent flowers. Just keep these roots properly hydrated by misting them with a water bottle as needed.

In a recent article titled ‘Using Baskets as Orchid Pots’ Mr. Keltsch suggests using a large enough basket for your orchid so you do not have to replant it sooner than you need to. This is sound advice. Replanting a hanging orchid is a bit tricky so you do not want to do it until the plant absolutely needs it.

Using hanging baskets is a great idea to add a touch of creativity and ingenuity to your orchid collection. Just make sure that the plant is receiving the necessary sunlight and temperature and keep the root systems properly hydrated. Doing this will create stunning flowers and a wonderful addition to any décor.

To read more about repotting an orchid, here are 7 easy steps.

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  1. Ella Carter says:

    Nice! I would try using baskets too instead of pots. Does catleya grow better using it? I hope so. I usually grow my orchids in a trunk of wood. My mom told me it’s good to use it too like pots. Now I have a new idea of using baskets.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Yes, the Cattleya is the perfect choice for a basket! 🙂 A trunk of wood can definitely be a good growing medium too. Of course I’ve even heard of people having success in old tires. Different things work for different orchids in different places. Good luck trying out the basket idea. Thanks for your question. – MAB

  2. nikki says:

    It. would be a cool design. I will try using baskets for my orchids then I’ll hang them all at the garden fence. It’s a new and fresh idea so my garden would be the first to have that particular design in our neighbourhood. More power and continue posting your bright ideas!

    • Mary Ann says:

      Thanks so much! Yes, I think it’s quite lovely. I hope you stunned your neighbors with your cool new garden design.

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