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The Benefits of Supporting the American Orchid Society


Orchid GrowersThe American Orchid Society is dedicated to all aspects of the orchid. This includes growing, perpetuating, appreciation, and knowledge of these delicate and lovely flowers. The slower economy affects this non-profit organization, also. It is important for them to have your support.

I was inspired to post this because of another blog discussing how the AOS needs our support. I want to do my part to help raise awareness about this issue. You can find that blog here: About Orchids: American Orchid Society 2

Member Benefits

Your membership fee will entitle you to a subscription to Orchids magazine. You will also receive the Orchid Source Directory that is published annually. You will also receive access to the website’s members only section.

Free and Discounted Services

1. Ten percent off purchases at the website or the Orchid Emporium.
2. Reduced price for back issues of the magazine.
3. Free and reduced price admission to over two hundred botanical gardens
4. Lower processing fees for entering competitions

What the AOS Does

The AOS is far more than a club of enthusiasts that are interested in orchid care or orchid propagation. They are a large organization that promotes education, conservation, and research to support the passion for orchids.

They also have established a judging system. They organize and maintain it with money from contributors.
You can buy a one year membership for $65 and a student membership for $40. It is not a lot to pay for supporting your passion for orchids.


If you have never read an issue of Orchids magazine, you are missing out on a great deal of interesting and informative information. The website is full of a great deal of free information. Click on the “orchid information” link and notice all of the amazing things.
There is an entire section there for newbies with a large FAQ. There are sections with culture sheets and another one with orchid information on species. And this is only a small part of the information section.

The American Orchid Society supports your passion for orchids. Everything that you can want in a society for orchids, you will find with them. If you share the passion, share the wealth and keep them going for another 85 years.

To read more about what we can learn from experts, here are 3 key questions you should ask before you even buy an orchid. What You Should Ask the Orchid Growers

Your Comments

4 Comments so far

  1. allysa morgan says:

    I am more than willing to support AOS. It would be just a part of my passion for orchids. I can even help the organization put up their goals and projects that will help my fellow orchid lovers. I hope that by my simple means of helping, AOS will have more time to share and help others. And they will continue nurturing the group more fresh studies and ideas for better orchid gardening.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Hi Allysa,

      You sound excited to become a member. I’m very glad about that. It is a worthwhile organization to be a part of. šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your thoughts. – MAB

  2. Denise Beno says:

    AOS is the best idea of joining together the orchid lovers of America. It would be like sharing new ideas from other passionate orchid growers. I would be glad to be a member of this society and Iā€™m so much excited about the benefits it will give me. Remember, sharing is like taking as well.

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