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Subscriber Spotlight: Brenda


We’ve been posting responses from you about  your orchids and how you care for them. Here’s another great one from Brenda in Trinidad!

I hope you pick up a few ideas and tips. Plus you’ll see that we ALL make some mistakes from time to time on our orchid growing adventure! 🙂

Brenda 31. How many orchids are in your collection?

I have three phals, about five vandas, and about the same number of dendrobiums, a scorpion that is now in bloom and some others I do not quite know what they are until they flower

2. What is your most-prized orchid?

Well that is a hard choice to call because I love both a Chao mao phrya classic vanda and my phals(not in bloom right now)

3. How did you get started growing orchids, and how long have you been growing orchids?

Years ago my husband brought home one orchid someone had given him, then he brought one from the forest where he went to hunt it was called the Cedros bee and did look like one(named after a village here in Trinidad in the west indies)

Brenda 44. Where do you live and what type of climate do you grow your orchids in?

I live in the caribbean island of Trinidad one of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies, the climate is either wet or sunny and dry so that orchids have a very good chance of survival

5. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made growing orchids?

I have over watered a cattleya and it died, so I take great care as to where I put the others and how much water I use and also how much fertilizer used.

6. What are your favorite orchid resources to learn from?

One of my favourite resources is your site Mary, and well I do some browsing too.

7. What’s the coolest trick you’ve ever learned growing orchids?

The coolest trick I learned is to put cinammon powder on an orchid when it is cut and on the roots too when I have to do some snipping off and cleaning up.

Brenda 58. If you’d like to share any additional comments about your orchid love, please add it in the box below:

Well to those who love flowers and especially orchids I will say to you start with one plant and take care and see which is the best place to put it to grow and bloom, watch it do so and give you some amazing blooms and then go bravely and just jump into the sea of orchid care that is great especially if you have a green thumb and love plants, I think they pick up our vibrations too I talk to mine.

Do you live in Trinidad as well? What kind of orchids do you grow? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Walter Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Go to a lightly humorous orchid book called ” Private Lives of Orchids” on Amazon. You’ll have a chuckle or two. WF

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